Building Your Dream Gaming Desktop


The Heart and Soul

First, you must select a processor worthy enough for a gaming machine. These processors must offer some of the fastest clock speeds and the best processing power on the market. For this, I would recommend the Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E. It includes a full 8 cores of power running at at impressive 3GHz. With this beast, you will never have to worry about your processor choking on the latest games.

Now that you have your processor, you will need a good motherboard that can handle the processor and provide you with the expandability you need to create the ultimate gaming monster. To that end, I suggest you consider theASUS Rampage V Extreme. With support for the latest Intel processors, 8 slots for the latest DDR4 memory and 4 PCI 3.0 slots, you will be able to connect the latest hardware using this board and you will never notice any slowdown.

The More Memory and Hard Drives, the Better!

When you are a gamer, you want the best multitasking processing power available and you need to be able to load large amounts of information into the system memory to ensure smooth running operation of your games. To that end, you should strive to install as much memory as possible. There does come a point when adding more memory is simply overkill, however I recommend installing at least 16GB of RAM while ideally striving for 32GB. There are some great memory options available that won’t break the bank like the G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series. This bank of 4 chips will give you 32GB of some of the fastest memory on the market.

When it comes to storage you need to consider two options – amount of storage and the speed of storage. To get the best of both, I recommend installing one solid-state drive and one traditional hard drive. For the SSD, consider the Crucial M500 CT960M500SSD1. With 960GB of storage, you will easily be able to store not only your operating system, but all your games and software applications ensuring they will load fast. As many gamers are also multimedia enthusiasts as well, it is also a good idea to add an Intellipower drive like theWestern Digital 2 TB WD AV-GP. This will give you more than enough room to store your library of music and movies along side your games.

Finally, you will need a decent Blu-Ray or DVD burner so you can rip DVD’s, copy data disks and more. If you wish you can purchase two drives for Blue-Ray and DVD, or you can just grab one that will handle anything you put it in like thePioneer BDR-209DBK.

The True Muscle

While all the parts above are most definitely necessary, where a gaming rig truly draws its power is from its graphics cards. For the ultimate gaming machine, I recommend running at least two graphics cards together for the best performance possible. There are many cards to choose from and it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best. The truth is there are many options available for the perfect gaming machine but one of my favorites is the EVGA G-SYNC Support GeForce GTX 770. It’s SLI support allows you to add more than just one of these cards to your system so you can create the ultimate gaming beast with the best graphics you could possibly imagine.

More Power

When creating a gaming rig such as this, you will want to be sure you provide it will sufficient power. Gaming machines pull a lot more power than a normal desktop computer so you need to ensure you provide these components with the power they need to run. The Cooler Master V1200 offers a full 1200 watts of power and runs relatively quietly.

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Powerful hardware like above generates quite a bit of heat and while graphics cards, processors and even your power supply include fans for cooling, it can still be necessary to add additional cooling for smooth operation. Traditional fans such as the DEEPCOOL WIND BLADE 120 will do the trick. Simply add one to the front and one on the back of the case. They will generate noise, however, and if you want a quieter machine, you could always go with a liquid cooling system such as the Enermax Liqtech 240 All-in-One Liquid Cooler. These systems use liquid to dissipate heat and run much more silently when compared to traditional case fans.

Finishing Touches

Now that you have all this great hardware, you need to install it in a top notch case. This is a gaming beast remember, and to that end you don’t want to select a boring looking case. The Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Black Steel ATX Full Tower Unbeatable Gaming Case is one of the slickest you will find and will let you show off the slick design of your fancy hardware with a stylish window.

Now that you have everything for your computer, you need to control it. Sure any keyboard and mouse will do, but this is the ultimate gaming PC and you can’t let it be controlled by a standard USB keyboard and mouse. The Corsair K70 Cherry MX RGB Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard offers some of the best features and looks perfect for gaming including programmable keys and multiple colors for your backlit keys. As for your mouse, you need something with great accuracy and flexibility. Logitech is one of the leaders in this pack with products like theLogitech G602 which offers great accuracy and a wide range of programmable buttons for your gaming needs.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to dream big and this machine that we have designed today is definitely one all gamers would dream about. It is truly one of the fastest machines available today and will handle any current game and many of the future games on the highest settings easily. Remember, when building the best cheap gaming desktop on a budget, consider all the possibilities first then decide what you need to change to reach your budget.

For those of you on a more serious budget, in some cases a prebuilt gaming PC can be a good option and sites like Slickdeals and Desktopcomputeninja are excellent resources for cheap pre-built desktops from the big players like Dell and HP.That said, if you are somehow lucky enough to afford it, why not try and beat the performance of the machine we just built.

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