Top 3 Gaming Desktop Computer Brands

Looking for the best gaming experience money can buy without having to build your own? Here are three of the top gaming desktop computer brands for pre-built models:

1. CyberPowerPC

Cyberpower is one of the most critically-acclaimed gaming PC brands on the market today, and for good reason: they consistently produce a quality product specifically made for gamers. You can order a custom desktop based on what kind of processor you want to use, or shop based on whether you’re looking for an Intel or AMD hard drive.

They also offer a wide array of exclusive, custom gaming PCs tailored to a variety of unique gaming experiences–all of which are customizable from the product page so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.With such powerhouses as the exclusive Fang III series, it’s no wonder they’re famous the world over for putting a top-notch gaming experience at customers’ fingertips.

Another awesome feature of CyberPower’s products is their unique style. A genuinely cool cyberpunk aesthetic paired with flashy LED designs on cases, mouses, and keyboards will not only light up your night, but be the talk of the LAN party.

2. Digital Storm

Digital Storm is another fantastic PC brand for gamers to look into. Their pre-built desktops are top of the line in regards to performance and features and they also offer lifetime support for their customers, which can be especially invaluable for those who want a custom desktop for all their gaming needs.

Their shop allows you to select from a plethora of pre-built PCs with starting price ranges–the Vanquish II, for example, is $699 for the default setup, but it comes with some pretty decent specs for that price range: 8GB RAM, Intel i3 4350 processor, an NVIDIA GTX750 1GB video card, and 500GB of hard disk space. And there’s still room to upgrade, so you’re not left in the dust as games continue to up the ante on performance requirements.

What Digital Storm lacks in intimate customization options, it more than makes up for in quality and service.

3. iBuyPower

iBuyPower is an especially awesome setup. Not only do they offer different desktops based on what kind of processor you want to use, they offer a lot of flexibility within So, if you want something that packs a lot of punch in the performance department, iBuyPower has several computers available with an AMD FX processor–up to 8 cores of mind-blowing speed and quality–starting in the $700 range. The cases for their towers are also stylishly integrated blend of sleek design and uncompromising functionality.

There is also an option to customize pre-built PCs further. For example, if you have a desktop you want but want to reduce noise and heat production without having to do it yourself, you can add on silent fans or a better cooling system. For performance, different hard drives can be picked and sticks of RAM can be added on. Most models seem to start with 8GB RAM but you can have as much 32GB’s worth on many models!

And there you have it: three of the top gaming desktop computer brands so you can get the most out of your gaming experience!